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Is it Possible to SAVE Even More Money with BEST Cleaners?

Well, we didn't think so, when we priced our super "BLUE" cleaner at 40 cents a bottle! Then we heard back from one of our customers who is a plumber. Apparently, he stepped into the wax that seals the toilet tank that he just installed at a clients. Little did he know, that as he walked through the house, he was tracking it everywhere he went. Days later, a call from a disgruntled homeowner revealed he had left this mess behind and the client demanding a complete replacement for all of the damaged carpeting.

Back to the client he went with a pail of his BEST All Surface Organic Cleaner. Spreading it full strength and working it in with a bit of water, he let it treat for several minutes to allow it to dissolve the wax, yet not discolour or damage the carpet in any way. Wiping up the areas with absorbent towelling, he was able to clean it all up and save himself thousands of dollars in liability! We were happy to hear, that indeed it was possible to save even MORE MONEY with an environmentally safe GREEN cleaner that works virtually on almost any surface. It is one of the best cleaners for laminate floors. Also great for hardwood floors and vinyl floors

Another quick story about a real estate agent who went to appraise a home and evaluate it for a future sale. She was a little concerned that the paint spill stain she noticed, would lower the offering price of the home on the market. She decided that to give her BEST All Surface Cleaner a try...see if she could remove the spot which was there for some time. Meeting up with the agent some time later, she was glad to repeat this story and let us know, that her client didn't have to replace or remove that carpet, but to clean it completely with a steam machine and make the BEST into a terrific shampoo. The sellers were actually able to ask more for the home than previously evaluated. Once again, it was POSSIBLE to Save even MORE MONEY. RE-USE and RECYCLE items that need attention with the BEST All Surface Organic Cleaner and keep saving EVEN More Money!!

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