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Best All Surface Cleaner

We produce BEST products to cover most of your cleaning needs. We make it safe for you, your home, children and pets.

Safe in the environment & Lake Friendly too!

Please call for promotional pricing, bulk purchases & discounts.

(204) 481-1044

Best Cleaner 2.43 liter

This is our most versatile product now for years. It's most popular use is for fabric, upholstery and carpet stains (pet accidents, wine spills). Used by hotels, to cleaning companies, young Moms to professionals, people love it because it is gentle & non-toxic, organic & bio-degradable.

Replaces harsh household cleaners for about .40 cents a bottle. Saves $$$$

  • B.E.S.T Organic Cleaner 2.43 Liter $48.99

  • B.E.S.T Organic Cleaner 1 Liter $28.99


Customer Comments:

" Just wanted to say I bought your product when you were in Brandon for the craft fair in October, and this is one of the "BEST" Cleaners I have used! I have Asthma and this product does not have a strong and offensive odour like some cleaners, it is very mild on the hands and it has a nice pleasant odour. But the best thing is how "Amazing" it cleans everything and anything so "GREAT". It is so nice to find a cleaner that you can use for everything and not have to open your cupboard and get out all the cleaners you would need, your product goes "Above and Beyond".


"I just cleaned my laptop and it looks like "NEW" again! I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen and it sparkles, it looks like the "Cleaning Fairies" had been here! (laugh out loud) I'm going to

try it on a few carpet stains tomorrow and see what happens?

THANKS for creating this product and hope to see you next year back at the craft fair"

Pat Creasy

Brandon, Manitoba

November 4, 2009

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