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"Thank You B.E.S.T!! I have to take a few minutes to give you a little bit of a testimonial for your AMAZING All Surface Cleaner.

Today my husband spilled a half tin of Varathane Gel Stain (Dark Brown) all over his new jeans and the white carpet in our bedroom. After checking out google and figuring both were going to need to be replaced, I thought "what the hell" why not give my B.E.S.T cleaner a shot. What can it hurt? I used it straight from the tub and rubbed it in with my fingers then flushed it away with clean water. After the very first try it came out. All of it. I was truly shocked and amazed. I didn't have to scrub, didn't have to open windows to use paint thinner and I don't have to move my dresser to the middle of my room to cover the stain. Thank you for your fantastic product!"

Lisa Balabuck-Patton

March 26, 2017

January 11, 2011

"I thought I'd forward a little testimonial about your product! I started to use the BEST Cleaner after purchasing it at the Weyburn Oil and Gas Home Show.....and I LOVE It! It works GREAT on everything! About a year ago, my husband was working at Encana doing an office move and picked up a gob of black grease on his shoe and tracked it home....all down my hall carpet, which is a very light grey...almost white. He started cleaning at one end with his "preferred cleaner" and I started at the other with "BEST" and hot water.

Mine completely disappeared and his didn't! So...I had to do his spots over.

I have praised your product to everyone I know, and I've even given copies of your order forms, so they could get some for themselves.

I'll be ordering some more you still take orders by cheque???

Brenda Beckman

Weyburn, Saskatchewan


“I used the cleaner on John's boat down here in Florida and it did a super,super job!, But the best was, I have a convertible down here and the top after sitting for 6 months, the humidity here caused the top to go black with spots all over it. I thought, "oh, I bet I'll have to buy a new top, but then I thought "no, I'll use my Canadian cleaner". I wish I would have taken a picture of the roof before I used the cleaner. What a job it did! Looks better than when I bought the car! So there maybe some people interested in buying this cleaner and if this works out maybe next year, I could be a rep for you in the U.S. I really believe in non-toxic products!

 Thank you!”


Sandy's Snack Shack

Geppetto's Wood Products

Hywy 1 Richer, Manitoba

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