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Clearview AntiFog for Eyeglasses, Sports Mask

Clearview is a non-toxic, safe and very effective cleaner & Anti-Fog for eyeglasses, mirrors, plexi-shields, eg. motorcycle, hockey and paintball masks.

At work, it is used for safety glasses, goggles and welder's masks.

Apply daily in the winter months, otherwise, an application lasts for several days.

Many people comment on their eyeglasses

Caroline Booy said on Nov 22, 2014 9:43 PM

" I am thrilled with your eyeglass cleaner! I have tried everything and my smudged dirty glasses were driving me crazy! I've used the norwex cloths and while better than most do not even come close to your cleaner with an ordinary polishing cloth. I hope that if you ever retire that you pass on your formulas to someone else as i would not want to be without."

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