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A Natural Clean for Natural Problems
Doing Things the Old Way??


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A Natural Clean for Natural Problems

Thank you to Michaela Miller of Yorkton, Saskatchewan for interviewing us  at the Yorkton Sunflower Craft of our Favourite Fall Shows.

"Shelves today are overstocked with different types of cleaning products. There are products specifically made to clean your carpet, your hard-wood, your fabrics and your clothes. We have become accustomed to using specific products for certain jobs. Randy and Eva Crouse, of Crouse-Bacher Enterprises (CBE), challenge this consumerist thinking with their all natural product.

Doing Things the Old Way??

As much as I try to keep up with technology and maintain this website almost by myself, there are still things that I seem to still want to do the old fashoined way. Not because I don't want to change, it just seems to be easier and faster to do it the way I always have!  It appears though I am NOT alone?
At least 59.20% of the people who answered a quick poll about how they plan and manage their appointments and events answered the same way as I . I answered this quick little question today on my bank's site before I logged off.
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