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Well water deposits Lime scale, calcium and toilet bowl rust on fixturesWhite N Brite Non-Toxic Cleaner does the job here!Well water deposits Lime scale, calcium, rust and oxides on bathroom fixtures, tile, grout and shower stalls.White N Brite gently cleans the surface without harsh fumes or damaging the surface.
White N Brite leaves your sinks, fixtures, tile, grout and shower stalls sparkling clean!Remove surface stains from porcelin, acrylic, marble, ceramic tile, safely without harsh fumes.  Non-Toxic
Was by accident that we discovered how good oxilic acid cleans rust & calcium. Making rhubarb in a pot one day, we realized how clean the pot was after cooking. Exploring it further we found that other acidics from apple, spinach and of course vinegar acids combined, would make
a great base to try cleaning rust lime and calcium. So it was from this experimenting that our White N Brite was born making it environmentally friendly. Without fumes and caustic agents it is very safe to use on many hard surfaces!  For a lighter cleaning, try mixing 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of cleaner in 650 ml  of hot water in a spray bottle.   Save Money by replacing many harsh cleaners!
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