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Ding room chairs need attention in the homes with young families. Cleaning is easy with BEST ALL Surface .Treating a spot with concentrated BEST ALL Surface Cleaner, safely emulsifies, oil, food stains, dirt and grime without bleaching out your colours. It's Organic, Non-Toxic and safe around pets and children.
Mix 1 tablespoon of BEST ALL Surface Cleaner in 2 cups of very HOT water makes a terric bottle of Upholstery spray shampoo.Cleany your own projects easily, safely and SAVE lots of Money too! Mix and use BEST ALL Surface Cleaner. Check our Testimonials Page for lots of people with their own DIY Projects!
Doing a great job cleaning these chairs was not only easy but rewarding, because we Saved a lot of money!  We used about 35cents worth of BEST All Surface Cleaner (about a tablespoon) mixed into a spray bottle of HOT Water.
This made a Terrific upholstery shampoo which we sprayed liberally across this cotton/nylon cover of some dining room chairs. All the bad spots were pre-treated with the concentrate, left to sit a few minutes so the enzymes have a chance to emulsify the stain. Because the BEST Cleaner contains no bleaching agents, you never have to worry about colours fading. After about 5 minutes, we used absorbent towels to wipe the surface and lift the dirt!  Best of all, no residues to re-attract dirt and grime so easily.   Stays cleaner Longer. 
Bigger projects like carpet, sofas and couches, its just as easy to mix your own shampoo for any type of de-foamer required, no EXTRA bottles!
TIP: Please treat any stain you suspect contains a food dye additive before it  
         dries and sets.     KoolAde, Gatorade, Slushie and Slurpee drinks, etc.
Full instructions are found on the BEST Cleaners Page along with mixing directions and lots of other applications
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