BEST All Surface Organics - Manufacturer of All Surface Cleaners
Nice and clean after we left White N Brite to sit on the surface for about half an hour.
We originally developed the  White N Brite to take care of our bathroom cleaning. Living in the country with well water systems, we quickly saw how rust, lime, calcium and other minerals deposited itself on the fixtures,  toilet bowl, shower stall and bathtubs.     We found soap scum and minerals were hard to remove with just vinegar and baking soda.  We turned to natural acidic that could get the job done, yet be be safe to our lungs, skin and the environment.    It was important that we managed our septic system safely as everything that went down there was also beneficial.  Since then, we have found other uses for it and  now  our customers  LOVE  it  for oven cleaning, cooktops,  fireplace glassdoors,  boats, stainless steel, copper bottom pots and many  more  hard surfaces 
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