BEST All Surface Organics - Manufacturer of All Surface Cleaners
A tarnished Dirty Grate after your furnace runs all winter.A good housekeeping product  for this is our CB Rouge mineral polish with bees wax to keep it a Clean Grate

CB Rouge is the nicest Mineral based non-toxic Metal Polish you have ever used!  Use on gold, silver, brass, bronze, pewter, platinum and more. We put some natural Bees Wax in it to protect for a long time!
Our C.B. Rouge is the nicest Jewellry Cleaner you have ever seen!
Made of minerals and a bee's wax protectant, great for polishing, silver, copper, brass, bronze gold and pewter. Non-caustic to your skin and
Natural metal cleaner that does not hurt you or the environment
1 part cleaner to 6 parts of HOT Water & you will
make a liquid version, so you can DIP your delicate items such as chains, earrings & souvenir spoons.
Not for Pearls or absorbent stones such as Opal
Available in 125ML size for $9.99 and 250ml size for 15.99
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